Women in tech has grown so much but more needs to be done

Women in tech is something that is slowly rising not only in the US but also here in Ireland the rest of the world. More and more women are making there way into the technology world. Which is great to see happening.

With STEM being rolled out to around 90 schools for the leaving cert in 2019, it will be a great start to getting more women interested in technology. A big failure with so few women in this sector here is that schools are not teaching it. And I feel they have waited too long to introduce it to schools. When students finish there leaving cert, they don’t know what to expect when choosing a course in technology, computer science, or software engineering is all new. With the government making start, we will have to see when 2019 comes around, how many female students will go on to study the in technology.

According to the CSO(Central Statistics Office) website, data from the Department of Education and Science for 2016, show that in the third level graduates, 3235 male students and only 845 female students graduated in ICT subjects. That is a gap that needs a lot more work in closing, this shows that more work needs to be done.

Not just by the government, but by schools from an early age, and to continue this on to secondary school. Technology is a sector that is only going to keep growing, more jobs are created every year in this area. As technology plays a bigger a bigger part of our lives, it becomes important to understand it. To achieve more women in tech, it has to start from secondary school, from 1st to 6th year.

So let’s watch some interesting facts about women in tech that you might not know


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