Benefits of Cloud9 As A Student

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What is Cloud9?

Cloud 9 is an online based IDE. Unlike many other IDES,  The student benefits of Cloud 9 is that it’s an online development platform, so all your work is saved in the cloud.  So no more having to worry about saving files to a USB or other forms of storage. You can access your work from any computer, anywhere in the world.


So am a student, what is the student benefits of using Cloud9

As a student, I have used a few different IDES for different programming languages, and wouldn’t it be great to be able to use the language you want without having to download different IDES, to be able to do it all within one. With Cloud 9 you are able to do all that and more. It supports over 40 languages, Java, Ruby, Python, and HTML and PHP for web development, and offers great support for JavaScript. Cloud 9 also has a built-in terminal which is a great benefit to have.

Cloud 9 Terminal


The workspace in cloud 9 is powered by Ubuntu. Which is a very popular version of Linux. When using the terminal you have full control over your workspace, and what extras you want to install. Cloud 9 is also connected to GitHub, so you can Pull and Push requests.


Setting up an account with Cloud 9

The Price Plan

Cloud 9 Price Plan

You have four different options when it comes to choosing a right plan for you. As a student, it is recommended that you choose the free plan.


Free Plan

The free plan is free forever, you get one public workspace, one private workspace, and community support. Which should cover all your needs as a student. You will also need a credit card when signing up, but you won’t be charged anything.

Your workspace can be placed on Hibernate if there is no use for a long period of time. Once you log back in and open your workspace it will reactive it for you. If you prefer to have your workspace always active then you will have to upgrade to a paid price plan.

I will also go over the other price plans as well.


Individual Plan

The individual plan is $19 a month, which is around €16 a month. With that plan, you get access to unlimited private workspaces, unlimited ssh workspaces, 3 hot workspaces, increased performance and email support. From that plan, you might wonder what is a hot workspace, the hot workspace is left active, so when you log back in you are ready to hit the ground running.


Teams Plan

With Teams price plan is $29 a month per user, which is around €26. With the teams plan you get unlimited workspaces, up to 10 hot workspaces per user, also included is centralized billing, team management, and email support.


Education Plan

There is one more plan which is for Education, and its only $1 a month but it’s per teacher, it’s not a student plan. If your teacher was to sign up to it, each student would get free public workspaces and one private workspace. The student benefits of this are unlimited students can join the account.

Once you choose your plan and sign up you will be brought to your dashboard.

Cloud9 Workspace


In your dashboard, you will have the options to create a workspace. Once you create a workspace you will have to fill out a few details if it will be public or private, workspace name, you can choose a template to work with as well, for example, HTML, Ruby, Python or start with a blank template. Then click create and away you go.


Cloud 9 blog and documentation is full of information that you could find useful and would recommend having a look at it before starting any project work. Student benefits of using Cloud9 is that it is easy to use, quick to set up, and great support.

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