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If you are interested in getting started with programming, developing Mobile Apps, Then I have a list of courses that will help you along your way and get you started in Programming and App development.

The three websites that I would recommend are Udacity, Udemy, and Edx. both are great websites for learning something new and have picked courses from each that will benefit you the most in learning programming.



For the first list of resources, we will look at Python and get you started on your journey into programming. I have a few links to Python courses I would recommend if you are starting out with programming for the first time.

This is the first course I will recommend,

Introduction to Python by Udacity:–ud1110

The second course is also by Udacity and covers more on Python.–ud036

Python courses from Edx by MIT is an introduction to Python. This is a two-part course.
Part one:
Part two:

Java Programming

The second list of resources we will look at will be for Java. The first course I recommend are courses on Udacity, the following courses at Udacity are free to enroll.

Udacity Courses for Java
Introduction to Java Programming Course:–cs046

Java, Object-Oriented Programming Course:–ud283

Udemy courses for Java
Learn Java from the start:

Data structures and Algorithms:

Edx Courses

This is an introduction to Java by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, this is an ideal course for beginners.

Introduction to Java:

Edx courses on Java by MIT are for those that have some understanding of programming, if you have done the Python courses by MIT or Java course on Udacity or Udemy, then you would have no problem in doing these two courses.
Part one of course:
Part two of course:


Ruby & Ruby On Rails

The third resource I will share with you is courses that are for Ruby, and Ruby On Rails. Ruby is much like Python and is quick and easy to learn. I do recommend learning Ruby first to get started with programming in this language before moving on to Ruby On Rails. Ruby On Rails is the web framework of Ruby. Making websites with Ruby On Rails is something you can learn pretty fast, as it is an easy language to understand and put what you learn into practice right away. Ruby On Rails is built on top of Ruby, which is why I recommend learning Ruby first, as it makes it much faster learning Ruby On Rails.

1. The first link is a course on Udemy, this is a beginners course into Ruby and the instructor covers everything in great detail, you will have a good understanding of Ruby after this course.
Ruby for beginners:

2. The next link is for a Ruby On rails course. This course covers everything you need to create anything you want in Ruby On Rails, you will learn by doing projects along the way, which is the best way to learn.
First course:
Second course:


Mobile App Development

App Development resources are my last recommendations for you, I have two sources for you to learn mobile app development. I will include links to IOS Development and Android App Development.

Android App Development
To get started with programming for mobile, the one website that I highly recommend is Udacity, This is the only website that I will ever recommend for learning Android development. You will learn so much and will cover everything in great detail and the instructors make it very enjoyable to learn.

I have two links for the Android course on Udacity, the reason for this is, Udacity has the course in two parts, the first is for beginners that are new to Android Development and have no programming experience, this I highly recommend to choose to start your journey into learning Android development, even if you have some programming experience but no experience with working with Android Studio.

The second part of the Android course builds on what you learned in the first course. This part of the course is only for those that 1. did the first part of the course or 2. have at least 1 to 2 years experience in Java. The reason why I say that is if you do this part of the course and you have no experience at all, you will find it hard and you will be spending more time figuring out things that you would have learned in the first part if you did it.

Part 1:
Android Basics – Beginners course into Android development.–nd803

Part 2:
Android Developer – Building on the first part and getting more advanced:–nd801

IOS App Development
For IOS I have two courses to share with you that are on two different websites, the first is on Udacity and the second is on Udemy. Both are great and again you will learn so much, the instructors make it easy and enjoyable for you to learn.

Udacity IOS App Development Course:–nd003

Udemy IOS App Development Course :

I hope you find the resources I share with you helpful and helps you get started in learning something new and cool.

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