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What is Edx

Edx is an online learning platform created by University’s to allow access to education for everyone anywhere in the world. Edx was first founded in 2012 by the top universities in the world, Harvard and MIT came together to start this e-learning platform. To date, Edx has over 10 million students with over 1,200 courses available.


Why choose Edx

There are many online learning websites available, and like Udacity, Edx courses are taught by professionals with years of experience in the area they are teaching. But there is one main difference between Edx and other online learning websites is that Edx is not for profit. Edx supports itself by donations from you, to help keep developing new courses and offering the services they have to help you and many others.


The courses are all free to take part in, but Edx also offers certificates, which is a small fee to pay for it, but that goes towards developing Edx and offering a better learning environment for its students. Certification also proves to others like your employers, school that you took this course, and allows them to verify that you did.


What certifications can I get at Edx

There are a few certification paths that Edx offers you. The first is a verified certificate, with this choice you will receive an instructor signed certificate, with the logo of the university to verify what you have achieved. To get a verified certificate you will have to pay a fee when starting the course and meet all the deadlines set in the course itself. One important thing to note is that with verified certs you will have to verify who you are. This is done via a webcam.


The second certificate that is offered is XSeries Certificate. Some courses on Edx have a few parts to them, its a series of courses that make it up and on completion of the series you will receive your XSeries certificate.


If you don’t wish to pay for a verified cert you can get an honor code certificate, but not all courses offer it.


If you are serious about doing a course on Edx then I would recommend getting the verified certificate. it is worth the small cost.


There is a lot that Edx offers you and covers a very wide range of courses. You are guaranteed to find something you like.


I’ll recommend one course that I feel you will enjoy doing if you are interested in computers and that is “CS50 Induction to computer science “.


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