The tech company that brings education to everyone is Google

Google Education - learning online and in class rooms





Google is on a mission to bring education in computer science to everyone around the world. With $1 billion in grants, over 1 million in volunteers, Google is giving everyone a chance to learn computer science.

Google Education is not just for kids, it covers information for all levels, even up to PhD. Support for teachers is also available, with information on how to use G Suite and to leverage the benefits of it

Google offers information on K-12, Higher Ed Solutions, and Computer Science. In the Higher Ed Solutions, you will learn how G Suite, Google Cloud Platform, Devices and Advanced CS.


Google Cloud Training

With Google Cloud, you can use it for teaching, research, for IT, it has endless possibilities. So let’s check out some of the training google offers.


You have five learning tracks you can follow, most can be learning online, mixed and only in class. 

  1. Cloud Infrastructure – Implementing, deploying, migrating and maintaining.

The Cloud Infrastructure is a three-step program, the first step covers the fundamentals. Step two is Architecting with Google cloud platform, step three is Design and Process. Total duration length is six days. Classes are on demand or you can find a class available near your location.


  1. Data and Machine Learning – Designing, building, analyzing, optimizing.

With this track you will have two options, the first is Data Analyst Track and the Data Engineering Track. Data Analyst is a one-step lesson with a duration of 2 days.

Data Engineering is a two-step lesson, the total duration is 5 days, during the 5 days you will be introduced to big data capabilities, designing and building data processing systems.


  1. Application Development – Develop in the cloud

Application Development is a two-step lesson, the first step is for one day which introduces you to the core infrastructure. Step two about learning to design, develop and deploy applications.


  1. G Suite Admin Administration – Administrators deploying, administering and extending G Suite applications.

Learning online with this is a two-step lesson, with step one being self-study, it will go over the administrator fundamentals, including videos, quizzes, and hands-on exercises with an average duration of 3 – 5 days. Step two is a 20 – 30 minutes duration, which covers the latest updates and features to G Suite.


Self-Paced Training

If you can’t attend classes, you can do the courses online with Coursera who make learning online easy. Qwiklabs is also available to use and would recommend checking that out.


Advanced CS

Advanced CS is to help more students to get involved in computer science. Jobs in the tech industry are on the rise, by 2020 there will be an estimated 100,000 jobs in the IT Sector in Ireland, around 1 Million in the US.  Advanced CS covers information on growing your skills, to help you learn CS by building Android games. To learning online and take full advantage of the Cloud platform, which offers tutorials, and training with certification. If you want to learn how to use and make the most of Google Cloud then this the area you need to visit to get you on that path.


Learn Python with Google

Google offers a short course in Python with notes and videos for you to follow along when learning online. The course covers setting up python on your machine, using Strings, Lists, Sorting, Dicts, and files. You will have two days of videos to watch along with Python exercises to test what you have learned.

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