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Student learning online with Udemy can be interesting, pending on the area you want to study. First, let’s take a look what Udemy is.

Udemy is an online E-Learning website that offers a very wide range of courses for you to choose as a student learning online. Udemy covers an area from web development, music, art and much more, which is a great benefit it has, as many E-Learning sites cover one topic area more than others.


Signing up

Udemy is free to sign up for any student learning online and able browse the large selection of courses, they have with good prices for most of the courses. There is a downside to Udemy when it comes to picking the course you think will be great. The reviews do play a lot in deciding if the course is for you or not. So always look over the reviews. Some courses just don’t make that grade of being any benefit to you. So be wise when making that choice. Research the topic you want to study beforehand. Which helps you make sure the instructor for the course is covering the areas you need to know. As a student learning online it’s important you get the best value for your money.



Udemy has 15 different categories, ranging from a wide range of topics.

  1. Development – Development includes 10 sub-categories. Which include Web Development, Mobile Apps, Programming Languages, Software Engineering, and E-Commerce.


  1. Business – Business includes 17 sub-categories. Which include Finance, Management, Sales, Business Law, and Home Business.


  1. IT & Software – IT & Software includes 6 sub-categories. Which include IT certification, Hardware, and Operating Systems.


  1. Office Productivity – Office Productivity includes 9 sub-categories. Which include Google, SAP, Salesforce, and Intuit.


  1. Personal Development – Personal Development includes 17 sub-categories. Which include Leadership, Career Development, Happiness, Creativity, and Motivation.


  1. Design – Design includes 12 sub-categories. Which include Web Design, Design Tools, Game Design, Fashion, and Interior Design.


  1. Marketing – Marketing includes 16 sub-categories. Which include Digital Marketing, Branding, Advertising, and Content Marketing.


  1. Lifestyle – Lifestyle includes 9 sub-categories. Which include Arts and Crafts, Travel, Home Improvement, and Pet Care & Training.


  1. Photography – Photography includes 14 sub-categories. Which include Digital Photography, Landscape, Travel Photography, and Wedding Photography.


  1. Health and Fitness – Health and Fitness include 13 sub-categories. Which include Fitness, General Health, Yoga, Dieting, and Dance.


  1. Teacher Training – Teacher Training includes 5 sub-categories. Which include Instructional Design, Educational Development, and Teaching Tools.


  1. Music – Music includes 8 sub-categories. Which include Instruments, Vocal, and Music Software.


  1. Academics – Academics includes 4 sub-categories. Which Social Science, Math & Science, and Humanities.


  1. Language – Language includes 14 sub-categories. Which include English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and French.


  1. Test Prep – Test Prep includes 6 sub-categories. Which include Grad Entry Exam, College Entry Exam, and Test Taking Skills.


Teach on Udemy?

Yes, you can teach on Udemy. Udemy offers great support for helping you get started, with over 17 million students from all over the world. You have a very wide reach when using Udemy for your courses. The Teacher Training category would be a good place to start to learn the tools used and designing your course. Learn more about Teaching on Udemy


Overall Udemy is a very good e-learning website for a student learning online, with great courses, but as I said above, research the course before buying.


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