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Then maybe you should give code school a look. If you are only new to the world of programming or someone with a few years under their belt, there is something for everyone with this online learning platform.


So what is Code School

Code School is an online learning platform which offers 12 different paths for you to choose and learn in the right order. Code School want to make you not only learn but to enjoy learning it. With a mix of quizzes and videos with great interactivity will make your time at Code School an enjoyable one.


Where to start

Code School offers you a course path, you have 12 to choose from. The second option is to list all courses available, which is around 70 courses. The third option is projects. This is new enough, but ideally, you should do some courses first before trying your hand at projects.   The fourth is screencasts, this is really great resource for different projects as you follow along with the instructor. screencast projects will give you a better understand and a good foundation of what you are learning in code school.

Some of the 12 paths you can choose on this online learning platform are HTML/CSS, which help you cover and understand the basics of designing a website. Other paths include Ruby, PHP, and even Python. there are a number of courses within each path. and each course has a screencast to go with it to build on what you just learned.


The Cost

This online learning platform is free, but it is limited to what you can access. The free account will give you access up to 15 introductory courses. If you go down the paid path, you get access to all courses and all screencasts. To be fair the pricing if good, for all you get it is worth it.

So monthly plan is $29 a month, around €26 euro, or you can choose the yearly plan which I recommend as you will save in the long run.

They do have a student price, which is $19 or €16 a month and the yearly fee is $190 or around €170 a year.

Overall I recommend a visit to Code School, it is a very good online learning platform and has very good resources which can benefit you in your studies or work.

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