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JetBrains is one of the most popular websites for developer tools available. With a wide range of applications available, you can get IDES for Java, C, PHP and more great student resources.

Some of the best companies in the world use their products, so why shouldn’t you. As a student, you have access to a lot more of the tools that you think you have. JetBrains offers a student pack, which is a great resource to have, it gives access to free professional developer tools and all you need is a student email or a valid ISIC card.

So what products do you get once signed up as a student?

Student Resources available for you


ReSharper logo


The first product you have access to is ReSharper Ultimate, that’s five tools in one.  Reshaper is a visual studio extension, with access to Resharper, ReSharper C++, dotTrace, dotMemory, dotCover, and dotPeek, everything you need for your .NET Development.

Check out ReSharper



IntelliJ IDEA

If Java is your language of choice, then IntelliJ IDEA is the product for you, and as a student, you get the ultimate package, which covers web and enterprise development and great student resources online to help you make the most of IntelliJ IDEA.

Check out IntelliJ IDEA


AppCode logo


Mac users are also looked after, with AppCode the IDE for ios and macOS development, a fast and reliable IDE for your projects, a must have for ios developers.

Check out AppCode


CLion logo


C and C++ were one of the first programming languages I was introduced to, and it was fun to learn, and it’s great to see an IDE that supports C and C++ so well. The CLion is the smart IDE which knows how to help you code faster and better. It comes with an easy to use debugger and terminal. It makes it a great IDE.

Check out CLion


 DataGrip logo


If you are studying SQL then the one tool you need is DataGrip, its a database IDE to suit all your needs. easy to use table editor which allows you to add, remove and edit data in the tables, smart code completion and code analysis. tracks your history, so you can look back on queries you ran already. you are also able to export any table as CSV, XML, and others and view your database in a diagram view and see the relationships between your tables.

Check out DataGrip


PHPStorm logo


The world wide web is waiting for your website, so start developing in PHPStorm. PHPStorm is a PHP IDE, it covers all the major frameworks that you will end up working with, such as WordPress, Laravel, and Magento, and much more. It comes with great error detecting, supports all versions of PHP, which is great if you are working with an older version of PHP. Of course, the web would not be the web without support for HTML, CSS, Sass, Less, JavaScript and more. On plus note, All of the WebStorm features are all included in PHPStorm, and support for remote deployment, databases, Git for version control and many other tools

Check out PHPStorm


PyCharm logo


Professional Python IDE with all the tool and goodies you could hope for. PyCharm has many features that help make developing much more productive. With an easy navigation, error checking and code completion, PyCharm does a lot of the work for you. It also includes web development frameworks, from Django, Pyramid, Google App Engine and more. PyCharm also has built-in database tools and has support for HTML, CSS, SQL, and much more. There is a lot of resources available for python online, and having a great IDE for learning and getting project work done is important for any student.

You have two options when downloading PyCharm, professional edition and community edition, so let’s start with the community edition first.

Community Edition:

  • Intelligent Python editor,
  • Debugger and test runner
  • Navigation and refactorings
  • Code inspections
  • VCS support
  • Scientific tools

The professional edition:

  • Everything in Community edition
  • Web development
  • Python web frameworks
  • Python Profiler
  • Remote development capabilities
  • Database and SQL support

PyCharm Edu logo





If you are a student you might also be interested in PyCharm Educational Edition, it can be used by students and for teachers to create their own training content. PyCharm Edu has its own courses within the IDE itself and is great for anyone that is interested in learning programming, it covers everything you need to know to get a good understanding of Python with its student resources built in.

Check out Python Edu and PyCharm


Rider logo


The .Net IDE for your development needs, Rider not only allows you to develop .Net, but also ASP.NET and even Unity and a few more. The good thing about Rider is that’s is a cross-platform IDE, able runs on windows, macOS, and Linux. Coding editing in Rider is great, it has different kinds of code completion and templates, and a great thing to know about is that bug fixes are automated. The error analysis not only monitors your code for anything wrong but also checks files that are not currently open. Overall Rider is the IDE for your .Net needs

Check out Rider


RubyMine logo


Ruby and Ruby On Rails IDE for your web application development. It is great to see an IDE that offers great support for Ruby and with the latest update to 2017.2, it offers many new features, such as Docker Compose, Breadcrumbs, Improved SASS and SCSS, Version control.

RubyMine is quick to get started with and lots of student resources available online, with the hand of code completion which also covers Javascript and CoffeeScript, CSS and a few more, and what will really speed up your development is the code snippets, RubyMine offers live templates to help cut down on the typing, the templates cover the pattern structures in your code, and you have the option the create your own code snippets, which saves you time from having to retype some code multiple times, and a great bonus to RubyMine is a built-in console, so you can run your scripts and application within the IDE.

Check out RubyMine


WebStorm logo


WebStrom is the JavaScript IDE of your dreams, with a powerful editor and covers intelligent code completion and on the fly error detection, built-in terminal. You can also connect with Git, Github and more. The benefit from WebStrom is that it can be used across a wide range of platforms, Web, Moblie, Server, and Desktop.

Check out WebStorm

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