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Want to test out your programming skills?

Do you want to test out your programming skills? Want to build on what you already know, then you have to try coderbyte, course online and challenges, what are you waiting for.

Coderbyte will test what you already know and teach you what you don’t know already. They don’t just offer you code challenges but also training in areas that are a must know if programming is the area you want to work in.


So let’s start with the training and then move onto the challenges.

The Training

Coderbyte offers courses for you learn and improve your skills. They are also offered for free. So let’s take a look what courses they offer.


The Languages

On Coderbyte you can choose the language you would like to code with, and you have nine languages to choose from. Which include Python, PHP, Java, Swift, Go, C++, C#, C, and JavaScript.


Learn JavaScript in one week

JavaScript is well-known language what is widely used in web development and many other areas. Coderbyte covers six main areas of content to get you comfortable in using javascript. The course covers the use of Variables, using Loops, Conditionals, Strings, Functions, and Arrays.


Learn Ruby in one week

Ruby is an easy to learn and use language, much like Python the syntax’s is kept simple. Many developers use Ruby on Rails for web development, which is basically an add-on on top of Ruby.  It is very popular and well worth learning. If you have any experience in using other languages then you will pick up Ruby very fast.

So what does Learn Ruby in one week cover, just like JavaScript, you will cover Variables, Loops, Conditionals, Strings, Functions, and Arrays.


Learn Python in one week

Python, one of the most favorite languages to use. Python can be used in a wide range of areas, from Web Development to Machine Learning. It’s an easy to learn and use language and yet very powerful. In this, one week course online will get you learning Variables, Loops, Conditionals, Strings, Functions, and Lists.


Learn Full Stack Web Development

Learn what you need to know to get a good start in web development. Get an understanding of the main concepts of development, from the front end to the back end. You will cover a good range of topics including, HTML & CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery & React, node.js & Express, MongoDB, and JavaScript.

The course online covers the same paths for learning for the first three, with videos and challenges to test you what you have learned. When you have the course you choose to do done, you can keep on improving with a lot more challenges available covering many languages.


Coding Bootcamp Prep

Apart from offering the free course online, they also offer courses in Interview preparation. So the first is Coding Bootcamp Prep, coding Bootcamp’s have a good benefit to students when wanting to get a stronger foundation in the area you want to work in. Its mostly great reviews but you also have to choose wisely as some don’t benefit as much as others, but on CoderByte you don’t have to worry about that as you can be very sure they are the top Bootcamps you will find. The Bootcamps they offer preparation for are Hack Reactor, App Academy, Fullstack Academy, DevMountain, Grace Hopper and Codesmith.


Data Structures & Algorithms

This is a great course to learn about linked lists, Binary Trees. With videos and challenging to help you understand what you are learning. You will learn about Sorting, Binary Trees, Dynamic Programming, Stacks & Queues, Linked Lists, Prime Numbers.


JavaScript Interview Prep

If you need to understand what you need to know for an interview that will involve JavaScript then this is a must. You will cover topics that include Variable Types, Scope, Functional Programming, Dom Manipulation, Closures, and ES6.


Job Interview Prep

The most important course online of all, the preparation for the job you want to get. This covers interview questions for Google, Microsoft, Facebook, also covering Algorithms, Data Structures, and Running Time. This will help you get ready for the job and take the nerves away, some of them anyway.


Overall I recommend checking out CoderByte, it is a great resource to help build a solid foundation in programming and learning the basics of new languages with their course online.

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