Lets find out what you know about smartphones and what they are hiding


Rise of Technology 

With the rise of smart technology, smartphones are something no one can seem to go without. Everywhere you look, you will see someone with a smartphone in their hands. But people don’t seem to care or even notice the risk of doing something on their phone. for example, doing banking on your phone, that itself is risky because your phone is not as safe as using a computer. Even a computer cannot be safe but it has better safeguards put in place.


Whats the risk?

Now you might wonder how your phone could be spying on you. the fact is your phone knows what you are doing, it remembers your actions. So what is the risk? What is it that your phone remembers? The answer to that is WiFi. Yes, good old-fashioned WiFi, your phone remembers every connection you made, and that be easily accessed if you connect to a WiFi that you think it safe. But in fact are able to track your movements by looking at the connections you made with WiFi.

So What now?

So after watching that, you see your smartphone is not so safe and choosing a WiFi connection that is free is not always the best option. This is the downside of such technology, but not all the blame can be put on your phone. You are also responsible for your security. For example, if you buy a new laptop, you get a 3-year warranty, but your laptop gets a virus, your warranty does not cover you for that, or any damage that might happen because of that virus, because security is all on you. Same with your phone, you have to use your own judgment.


Hopefully, this will make you more aware of the risks when connecting to WiFi. What you do on your smartphone, and remember don’t take security for granted.

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