The Online benefits of using GitHub as a student

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The Online benefits of using GitHub is great, to keep all your programs safe and sound. Being able to access them anytime and anywhere. GitHub has its benefits to students by offering a “Student Developer Pack”. Which gives you great discounts on services offered by other companies. First of all, before we talk about that, let’s talk more about the online benefits GitHub can also help in other ways.


What is GitHub

GitHub is used by developers as a way to store their projects and for version control. Host, manage and share your work, build projects with your team. Not all projects you host on GitHub have to be public. You can set it to private, so you can keep your work to yourself or your team. GitHub also has its own marketplace, which I recommend visiting. It has good tools for helping in monitoring and tracks any errors you may have.


So what are the GitHub Price plans

The price plans for GitHub start with Developer, Team, and the Business plan. Each plan gives you more benefits and control of how you manage your work. On the Business plan, you have an option to have your work hosted on GitHub or on your own servers.


Since this is about students and the online benefits, we will focus on the Developer price plan.  You get your own personal account, unlimited public repositories, and private repositories with unlimited collaborators for only $7 per month. Which is around €5 to €6 a month. As a student, it is free, as part of the student developer pack. Yet greater online benefits from GitHub.


Student Developer Pack

So what is the student developer pack all about?

The student pack gives you the developer tools you need to get you started.

The student pack contains to following:

Atom – this is an open source text editor by GitHub.

Visit Atom


AWS Educate – receive up to $110 in bonus AWS credit.

Visit AWS Educate


Bitnami – allow you to install cloud applications in one click, free for the first year.

Visit Bitnami


Carto – This is a platform that is used for spatial data analysis, visualization, and application creation. Carto offers free account upgrades and premium features for 2 years.

Visit Carto


CrowdFlower – Access to the CrowdFlower platform.

Visit CrowdFlower


DataDog – This is cloud-based monitoring

which offers Pro account, up to 10 servers and all free for 2 years.

Visit DataDog


DigitalOcean – Cloud hosting for developers, $50 (€40) in Platform credit for new users.

Visit DigitalOcean


Flatiron School – This is a Web Development coding boot camp for launching developers. It comes with a free one-month membership, which is cost enough at $149 or around €140.

Visit Flatiron School


GitHub – Collaboration, code review, and code management, and as I said above, it’s free while you are a student.

Visit GitHub


GitKraken – This is  Git client for Windows, Mac, and Linux. With GitKraken you get a pro account for one user free for one year which is around €50 a year

Visit GitKraken


HackHands – Need help with programming? Then this is for you, with live programming help 24/7. You are given $25 (€20) in platform credit.

Visit HackHands


Microsoft Imagine – Microsoft Azure cloud services and developer tools, and come with Visual Studio IDE. So what do they offer? You will get Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio community edition, and the rest of Microsoft developer tools as well.

Visit Microsoft Imagine


NameCheap – Offers registration, hosting and domain management. Also, you can get one year SSL certificate. Which normally around €7 a year, if you register a domain name on the .me. You get it free for one year, normally around €15.99 a year.

Visit NameCheap


SendGrid – SendGrid is an email service.  With the student plan, you have 15k free emails a month. Which is normally only limited to 200 emails a month.

Visit SendGrid


Sentry – With Sentry you can track errors in every language, framework, and library. As a student, you get 500,000 events every month with unlimited projects and members.

Visit Sentry


Stripe – Stripe is used for web and mobile payments, just like PayPal. You get waived transaction fees on the first $1000 in revenue processed.

Visit Stripe


Taplytics – Taplytics is an A/B testing, push notifications and custom analytics for native mobile apps.  As a student, you will get complete access to the suite of tools for mobile apps.  Unlimited access to the platform free for 6 months.

Visit Taplytics


Thinkful – ThinkFul allows you to learn web development. They offer you one month access to the course. This includes access to online office hours to experienced developers for feedback on the work you are doing.

Visit Thinkful


Transifex – Transifex is a localization platform that integrates with your code base. As a student, you get one year free on the start plan which is $99 or around €90 a month. With that, you can host 50,000 words, unlimited projects, translation partners to help bring your software to the global market.

Visit Transifex


Travis CI – Travis CI is an integration platform for open source and private projects. As a student you do private builds free, which normally cost around $69 or around €60 a month.

Visit Travis CI


Unreal Engine – As a student, you get the complete suite of game development tools. This is for PC, console, mobile, web and VR, while you’re a student.

Visit Unreal Engine


So that is your Student developer Pack!

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