About me

Hello, Am Michael and am a third-year student studying a computer-related course. For me, it all started off doing a short course in Introduction to web design. After that, I knew this was the area I wanted to be in, and off to college I went. During the time in college so far, I often found that there is a lot of online student resources out there that we don’t know about. The Resources that could help us learn more about what we are studying and the tools and applications that are being widely used in the workspace.

Online Student Resources

Online student resources

As a student, finding resources online can sometimes take more time than it should. So I decided to start a website to help in sharing information. Information about the resources that are available online. That we may not be aware of. Resources that are available to students can sometimes be hidden away and not easy to find. Good resources are hard to find. So let’s change that and make those online student resources more available to find and use.

The resources that are going to be covered will be related to technology. For example, IDE’s, benefits students get for signing up to certain Web sites, E-Learning websites, Websites to help you in getting ready for the technical interview and interview tips, and much more. The main goal of this website is to help you. To help you be more aware of the information that is available to you and to use it and take advantage of it